Our specialization is internal utility networks of construction of buildings and facilities. We do our work on the objects of any complexity profile from residential estate and five-star hotels to industry facilities. Our company is liable to the Customer for carrying out the whole complex of engineering works: pre-design concepts, designing/working documentation, approvals, designer supervision, expert report, delivery of materials and equipment, mounting, commissioning works, system investigation, after-sales and maintenance service.

The engineering systems are the assemblage of technical solutions that are necessary for buildings’ sustainment. Thus, the construction (mounting) of utility networks is a necessary stage of designing and construction works of any object. For provision of further reliable functioning of all engineering communications of a construction, these works must be trusted to the specialists with high qualification and experience of successfully carried out projects.

Designing of engineering systems and communications

LLC «BTS» provides the whole complex in area of designing the engineering systems and communications. The main fields of concern of company’s design department:

  • Pre-design;
  • Tender documentation;
  • Design documentation;
  • Construction documents;
  • Approvals;
  • Designer supervision;
  • Expert report of design consideration;
  • Bilingual designing.

Quality mounting of engineering systems of any complexity profile

We do mounting works of engineering systems and equipment on the new construction and we also perform diagnosis and reconstruction of services that are already in use: heating, water-supply, sewerage, ventilation, conditioning, electricity supply, lightning, firefighting, IHP, boiler-houses etc.

Over the years of working, we have gained a wealth of experience, we use the advanced technology in work and our specialists know how to find non-trivial decisions when carrying out the difficult projects.

Our services of mounting the engineering systems:

  • Complement of the object (supply of equipment and materials);
  • Construction and mounting on the object;
  • Commissioning;
  • Setting the systems into operation;
  • After-sales and maintenance service.

Carrying out the projects of energy-saving

We do a complex of works of implementation of energy saving projects and technologies, starting with energy audit and ending with setting the stock object into operation, including the development of design documentation.

Our services:

  • Energy audit
  • Energy management
  • Technical supervision
  • Project management
  • After-sales and maintenance service
  • Thermosanation

Automation and dispatch (bms)

The system of automation and dispatch of buildings is a complex of integrated in one information space systems, which provides maximum safety for people and property and allows to increase the effectiveness of services’ functioning, while decreasing the operating expenses. Solving the problem of decrease of operating expenses is the increase of energy saving of engineering systems.

Our services:

Implementation, setting and maintenance of automatic systems of data management and data capture of metering devices (electrical energy, water, heating, gas) on the Customer’s objects.

The implementation of the system of remote integral control of Synergydata energy resources on the Customer’s objects. Our system allow to see the consumption of power on-line. We provide qualified technical support and consulting.

The BMS designing allows to effectively handle the technical tasks of increasing the reliability and energy saving of utility networks and equipment.